Connecting values to create shared value

Creating shared value connects the intrinsic drivers of a firm to apparent social needs that must be met. Entrepreneurial skills are used to address widespread social needs by using the perfected competencies of a firm. Applying protocols that produce defined products or services can also be used to serve an unmet social need. The ability of a firm to scale up will provide the impact that will make a real difference. But how do you arrive at such an outcome?
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Creating shared value in mature markets

Creating shared value has drawn considerable attention. The idea put forward by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer in their groundbreaking 2011 HBR article “Creating Shared Value" is that large companies have the resources and potential to really make a difference in achieving societal goals. Not just as a ‘do-good’ activity, but using the core competencies of the firm to deliver the goods and services that will meet a social demand.
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